Food can be your worst enemy when living with a pancreatic condition. Commonly, patients with a pancreatic disease may have difficulty even eating at all. To limit pain and discomfort associated with a pancreatic disease, a nutritional diet is recommended.

A large portion of the pancreatic-friendly diet is to cut down fat intake. The recommended amount of fat intake per day is 20 grams. Cutting excess fats can easily be done by choosing healthy options including lean beef, turkey, lamb, boneless chicken breasts, shellfish and most fish. Your diet should also include whole wheat grains, leafy vegetables, and fresh fruit.

While introducing healthy food options into your diet, eliminating certain foods may be recommended. In addition to adding lean poultry into your diet, removing excess fat and skin before consuming allows for a healthier meat option. Replace oils and butter with low-fat cooking sprays and season your food with lemon juice, paprika, and salt to cut down on fat. Restrict starchy options and bread, and always choose baked foods over fried. Typically, dairy foods should be avoided; however, skim milk may be appropriate. Choose low-fat or no-fat cheese options.

Studies indicate that dehydration causes the pancreas to flare, causing pain and discomfort for those with gallbladder pancreatitis. Avoiding alcohol and getting plenty of rest can help sufferers avoid dehydration and possibly, another pancreatitis attack.

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